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I think Germany is trying to protect and defend exactly what is the order to me it was following a long line of biblical lineages that kept the old and new worlds under one God but branched out in it’s manys varietys each bearing it emblem from there areas through true Royal bloodlines and God’s order although most of the royalty in the uk follows under this order jewish european side.Thee is hebrew that stems back to genesis and is of the new world covenant Christ its not a competition. It ment to keeps the order and not the break. I got much love for the bro Ismael got your back and I understand keeper curse. So in order to not let you take over the world I embrace the old and new and God in the old testament didn’t sacrifice Isaac and he cares for Israel no matter where it ends up or spreads out. It’s not just about the dirt on the ground his spirit lives in the living people .


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Is the monarchy of Spain separating from Roma. This is the lamb

golden fleece award

catholic church rome order 

The Orders of the fleece

They shouldn’t separate.

Each country and part of the church for eampme counts Lords the empresses knights queen king Prince princess many other titles and the seats are very empty 


The Keys given to Saint Peters by Christ comes through order and truth and I love the way the rich art and history has been designed I’m also worried because just like the holy land and the places that the old testament occurred is sacred and God’s land. This is like the same but Christ land.

The Italian story of the sacred care takers of the saints lineage of the church of christ Royaltys 

Niccolò_Machiavelli. The Italians, tupacs hail Mary song and my own personal close call with a phone wire made me look through history who was Machiavelli. Catherine the Queen, was Bartholomew masacre against the French?House of Medici. I wonder if they were close friends of the rothchilds when it came to banking. House of Japan keeps order.

House of Bourbon i seem to go in many orders.

Branch from bourbon Capetian dynasty

Franks and the rine i see the rine as the terms of the WATERS instead of monarchy or saints. Hey this is where my settlement came from the institution so or idk private bankIm still studying learning its tons of info overwelmingCopy of SSI-DZPRIVATBANK-InstitutionalClients.pdf. I still wanna make sure dcfs and mental hell no and why did someone take my good health insurance and dump me on medical was it to take advantage probably. What’s this all about I’d like to know and this is why I get so upset with USA. Autonomy yes you can say legallyThey are coop thank you i appreciate your service. This means besides the Government money this is private service and I made it clear not one penny toward dcfs it mentals thank you. I prefer to make a charter soley for homes and better lifestyle for those less fortunate to build communitys but I’m working on that. Please make sure the elders the widows and the less fortunate are cared for first. HUMAN CAPITAL SO PLEASE WE ARE HUMANS PATRONS BE NICE. It would be Symbolic capital,  for me to say literally I go back as far as Genesis so I own a planet worth of royalty lol in truth order and in spirit yes but come one really for the planet to digest this is more then they could realistically swallow so as the world adapts so does the truth. .Mentals and dcfs major conspicuous consumption imagine.CHARIT



Hong Kong bust out your statue 

Never traded or valued this Aladdin lamp got a rub down and guess who’s word literally became there GOLD RUSH AND TICKET TO FREEDON THATS RIGHT.

Don’t mess with China per mothman backfired spirit ghost. 

Guess who’s two and cheaper steps ahead hey if the riches on a camel can go to heaven through and eye of a little needle then let this be that.

Hey where did that paper 150 the Confederation bill go idk keep it burn it puff be here gone it WENT TO HEAVEN THROUGH THIS TINY PORTOL TELL THEM. The sacred bit coin was gold Jacob invested in gold so I made a coin that puff isn’t paper. Because I found this Xmas Eve 12/24/15 on the back 12/24/1975 MJK CJK AT THE TIME I HAD NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS REALLY ALL ABOUT TO ME  IT WAS A GIFT FROM CHRIST I WAS SUFFERING AT THIS TIME AND WAS LITERALLY TOOKEN TO A VERY DARK PLACE IF GOD DIDNT SAVE ME I WOULD HAVE WENT DOWN SKIZOPHERNIA ROAD NEVER TO RETURN. BELIEVE ME THAT WAS THE INTENDED AGENDA BUT NOT GODS.


“Hey I didn’t just con some leper out of there 💰. Call me fat but don’t call me a lier. ” Don’t offend me like that or I will NUCLEAR ALL YOUR MOTHA F$$$$$RS. 

maybe it was an usa spy employee insane in the brain pressing the button??? not mothman 

If it really 18 people it’s the mothman 911 june six 06 STIGMATA and 2018 times per phenomenon.

Phillip contact me the white tornado I have to protect my family I don’t know how or what is going on secretly but I’m probably the only one that understands what a white tornado is. Thank you the gov sets us up this way and has been I have a better idea and it’s rightous …


Emperor_of_IndiaQUEEN/ VICTORIA WAS A QUEEN WHO CARED FOR THE MINORITYS AND ALSO THE INOCENT. SHE REPRESENTED A QUEEN THAT REALLY HELD UP TO THE RESPONSIBILIY OF RULING UNDER A MONARCHY BEFORE AND ACCORDING TO RIGHTOUS PRESTIGES AND TRUTHFUL ORDER. LITERALLY WHEN GOD SHOWS UP OR IF HE DID SHE WOULD BE STILL SITTING ON HER THORNE FOR ETERNITY IN THE RECORD KEEPING OF NOTABLE BIBLICAL CONTINUATION LIKE MUHAMMED IS TO THE OLD WORLD EAST A FIGURE. I CALL THIS ” THE BIBLICAL FIGURES OF THE NEW WORLD” ACCORDING TO AN ORDER OF TRUTH WEATHER INFAMOUS OR FAMOUS THEY MADE AN IMPACT LARGE ENOUGH TOO STAMP IN ON “BIBLICAL SCALES” HIS ETERNITY RECORD KEEPING ORDER ON GOD LEVELS. SHE RULED AS MONARCHY DURING A TIME WHERE SHE SAW BLOODSHED OF INNOCENT IN A WAY THAT MOVED HER TO CREATE NEW ROYAL ORDERS SHE HAD THE KEYS TO HEAVEN GIVEN TO PETER ACCORDING TO CHRIST. ABSOLUTE MONARCHY. SAINT PETERS ACCORDING TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND A.D. NEW TESTAMENT KINGDOMS. Was given the keys to heaven by Christ in the New testament. So when I speak about absolute there’s only one absolute truth that works and it belongs to the one true God. AS and as LONG AS IT WAS UNDER THE ORDER ORDAINED UNDER GOD IT WAS LIKE ABSOLUTE BUT YOUR NOT GOD TYPE. Because ONLY GOD IS WORTHY OF THE TRUST AND KEYS TO BIND AND LOSE IN THE HEAVENLY AND EARTHLY REALMS THIS IS ABOUT ORDER AND THE THORNES OF A REAL GOD. Biblically Christ Gave these keys to Peter. PETERS ACCORDING TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND A.D. NEW TESTAMENT KINGDOMS. Saint Peter where are you? One would say. Or where is your royaltys? Two, SPIRIT/FLESH HAND IN HAND LIKE TWO COVANANTS THIRD DAY OLD AND NEW to See things in heavenly realms is something the cheribum have always guarded since  Edenthey understood enough to follow an order which was a mathmatical language of the unseen truths unlock the door which always been the underlying issue and conflict about human life and it’s value as it applys to the eyes of God. Or the holy see which means the eyes to see deep biblical truth. They paid the highest price in the flesh and had the highest value in spirit to be freed and God gave them the spirit of wisdom because they always cared for earth and spiritual things and we’re people that at one time understood the value of your word like gold. Imagine When you get a mixture of the old new and the most devasted beloved of God you get a concoction some would consider quit sacred and highly valueble.

Eagle rising
Pheonix rising into new forms always a bird.