A treasure trove of pictures 

I always thought Britain was good to India 

This makes me miss Martin and I didn’t even know him 

This look on his face the worryness for those girls 

What’s the badge of shame ?

Was Martin luthern around the same time? 

Jacob would love to see all these and the Jews 

The good ole days 


I even found play boy 


Dog child like doggy adoption????

Both I’d say

What is a siren song ???

Voyernich manuscript 

Welfare and happy Thanksgiving act


How sad 


There’s been alot this going on 

Huntly castle man the weening out is in biz that’s kinda scary

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Duthac patron saint 



Yeah I found it how come people are still in old folk religion this is NWO 


That’s crazy look how they had to just let it be queit btw Jesus came you missed it 


We have to put it together then you can read it 


I’m thankful I didn’t miss it 

Tiberious maybe they should put a head 

The seven folds ?



All this grand land graves of royalty 


Author: http://chambersfromthesouth.w.p.com

The book of life is something I set out to bring the Bible to life following Algorithms but it was faith at first

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