Sariska Tiger Reserve -lets just say ever since Jesus went to the cross instead of his planned India which he was on his way there has been a fog cloud of sadness imagine when he was hung how heavy that was.

They were anticipating his arrival so they were very good to me when they were gonna bring new world order gods order

According to the Bible there is an elect and her children so I’m not a Roth child if I am it’s because of you selfish bastards and I’ll never forgive you. Because you know what the value or you don’t know and you think you can rob me.

Only one left awww I’m nothing like theresa or Maria or Isabella Spain though

Empress of India that’s from Victoria 

This is like we’re Jesus left off Victoria left and the Indian Hebrew capital is they are humble good people and everyone always takes advantage also the crown but we can reason 

My  favorite flag colors omg why is this happening it’s like it’s meant to be.

Paving the way I must design my own unique and then seal it before they Rob me 

I love my India. I think this flag will have flowers lol

Stop saying for what ??



The book of life is something I set out to bring the Bible to life following Algorithms but it was faith at first

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