La Fleur

I remember this perfume when I was young that’s kinda gross but what does it mean. 

I like the rose gold color one but are these woman 

Look what I found it so pretty 

I’m sending myself one what happened to all the royalty that’s all damm

God said he loved me and he didn’t want me to be a rothchild 

So he spent the whole time with me and I gained alot off wisdom

Von Gohn isn’t grim reaper anymore in spirit

500 year old book it’s like a raging forest

I don’t want my eyes to swallow things I’m scared

I trust God can’t I leave it at that 

No taxation blow the whistle

What’s this mean sugar daddy

Get your asses off your mallases bullmalarky

I guess I would need someone to protect my assets 

If I generated this much money then my life and kids life are in danger they want to keep it.

What do I do if I made ALOT of people rich and now ALOT of people wanna kill me

India with take me

Tell whomever to take a shower lol I’m joking

For good luck

The babysitter

Me and Britain are one



The book of life is something I set out to bring the Bible to life following Algorithms but it was faith at first

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