Amb. Zion Evrony, Ph.D. | Israel Institute

What’s cooking up. I’m not a chosen woman I think I’m your last call for alcohol type of deal. All will be lost lol. I’m a very classy lady in this part of the world and in this type of situation I’d say so. I never made it to babysitter I’m still looking fory kids and I’m so angry. The wedding feast Indian Hebrew capital you can have wine . When the new world began rite after Jesus so now that the holy spirit of truth has desended and we are waking up. What a mess omg Matt 21:12 looks like a grim reaper on a white horse sickle

Bow sickle whatever the case it’s war and the battle is a bloody one fought truth and to conquest theres no losing this battle when God has confirmed something those fighting against you don’t understand.



The book of life is something I set out to bring the Bible to life following Algorithms but it was faith at first

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