The Franciscan order if the stigmata and if the sefardic of the church saint Peters Basilica after Jesus Christ the keys 

This is something that I understand from an experience I had 15 years ago I was suffering and cried out to God that’s when my eyes opened and I received an inner soft truth voice like mind say June six two thousands and that’s when I got scared because it didn’t come from me and took me a while to figure it was 666 I went crazy. I realized I couldn’t comprehend what was happening and I kinda checked out just to digest how am I gonna get through this.
I didn’t understand and eventually kinda moved on and forgot about it. Everyone said crazy lol.

Later about two years ago it was woken up that’s when I learned this is an Indian Apache Babylon curse Hebrew God promised the Indians and gave them a spirit of wisdom towards mother earth.

The red door they called it

Indians were very loyal and kept there word and they embraced and loved God I think they believed peace pipe was like a way of drawing in to the spirit realms it was something they really believed weather it was good or bad. I think they took advantage at the peace pipe treaty because they didn’t need paper work there word was good. 

The mission and Franciscan Jesuits and order of the saints travels San Antonio Texas 

Columbus Britain and the Christian travelors 

Genesis 1 – The Beginning – In the beginning God – Bible Gateway

Third day ocean physical spiritual 

The two covenants age of aquarious is the spiritual awakening and the bringing in of the spirit eyes 

On the fourth day he mapped out the astrology so we can keep track of time and seasons and follow along his promises
Fifth the fish animals creatures 

Then the sixth and the first of the three curses in the old testament Eve/Adam

Then the cherubim to protect his wisdom was undermineded. They cherubim protecting the tree with flames is protecting something that God loves and is vulnerable like children when we sudfer them we suffer him. and its up to anyone to protect him in that way he has no respect or of humans it’d up to each one of us this is the spirit gods holy spirit and anyone can have his spirit of truth it’s free faith is all you need which is not much to ask.

Also the sanctity of marriage covenant’s_Ark

Noahs ark of the covenant a new begining a fresh start’s_Ark

This is similar to the Genesis story. 

There is also two more curses from God to man. Ham Cain the first three sets of six of the first covenant. In these three curses you find all sorts of sin. The second covenant there is sixty six made man made for example the day of dead all halo ween SAINTS Fatima etc etc they hold know power and are free from the lied. 

Halo caust
Old order of thing in Revelations 10′ meaning its justified by God and 9 abolishment of all socerys John eats a bitter sweet book 

In John 3:16 three sets of six God abolishment all curses and socerys and it’s because he loved the world and gave us his son. So that he paid the price and we dont have to be sacrificed 

The Genesis keepers

Orion’s belt age of aquarious

Chambers of the South

Mary Guadalupe and Madonna I believe Diana was loved by God she was like the first blue eyed Mary.

The Hebrew Jews head south…

AFQjCNEOh7hSuXtWErHWFGRILOhxeOC8rQ Diego Aztec and Guadalupe 

The devastation of both Guadalupe and guedalla

The history and the hope. Apache 

ps:// Aztec French codecs (prickly pear)


Just want to let all cloners everyone in full energy make me shit and burn my eyelashes off what time it is. Hebrew CHARTER if they try to put you doggy adopt or jail just request I’ll get you out that’s one of the special laws a royal person can make and since UK is very big on this we all get to follow the kingdom of God.

A 1934 Map Of The Secret Lizard City Under Los Angeles – io9
You don’t have to creep in holes and crap I can get you a nice air-conditioned pad  especially since  sanctioning Putin he knows why so I understand the flow was cut but I already know it’s for something like investment not a new York party inrather Henry it Jesuits Vatican take care of it professionals not that Christiano your not it’s just that I’m dealing with a till the wheels fall off sparks fly i don’t know which clone f$$$$$ up. The NWO starts with Genesis cherubim Royal Israel before adam and Eve then all the way done the order rightously and legally Jacob Indians Jews Hebrew Madonna Guadalupe South North East and West God will do it. It dosent mattwr if the world says how dum then you say yeah the fools shamed the wised perfect candidate. Get your base ball bats seperate pigeons from the angels just kidding but I’m tired of people being angry first come first dibs to the truth just be loyal. I’m waiting for Jacob lol. Wheres the Templars and the Mason you guys are good a order  Dam everyone is fighting the whole time I’m begging for peace. 

Was a beautiful Queen and empress will always be remembered for being there for the suffering 

Diana two. London has been good to me i don’t know what it is around but I get the feeling it’s not the thorne …I apologize if u was disrespectful. Maybe one day I will have the peace I once had. It’s like the wilderness and the wild animals creepy things scary time for me but that’s how this is especially at this point for me I know who I am and what’s Happening and I’m going crazy I’m watching others bounce around playing games and it’s silly now. There imature and like there’s people really suffering and I think that it’s just as dangerous for them as me. Especially since this isn’t something I’d do to another person anyone that’s why it’s hard to comprehend I can’t it’s a gut feeling seeing how cold callous and senseless some people are. I check out because what am I gonna do nose dive a plane no. It’s hope and a new begining since I feel like I have nothing left pigeons did a pigeons move. 

Im not sure whats gonna happen but the ocean floor hit couple years ago and they took it under the dirt and no cares. I don’t want to feel evil we die in millions and it’s still a joke but . Joke is what it is it’s sinister out there. I guess that’s how bad it is and we die in the worst worst way.